[ubuntu-uk] New Linux website - Feedback?

Jools Wills buzz at exotica.org.uk
Thu Nov 25 02:40:19 GMT 2010


I have read your idea and seen your new website. I have to question your 
intentions with this site considering what you have done previously and 
I think it is also important that others are aware of this as by signing 
up, it may well affect them too.

In no way do I mean this as any kind of personal attack, but I think 
your previous actions with web hosting raise serious concerns!

Daniel Case used to run the joggerwiki site. The joggler still has a 
good following, but the wiki is now run by a cybersquatter who Daniel 
sold the wiki to.. .. for $150.. along with user details and password 
hashes etc.

Rather than go over the story.. you can read it here.


How can anyone be sure that your new website idea is not just another 
gather users and "traffic" and sell it on again ? the most annoying 
thing is the site you sold on to the squatters, still has the traffic 
ranking, and fakes itself to be a wiki which it is not, and people 
cannot find the real resurrected wiki any longer. if desperate for money 
($150?) you could have contacted others in the community... you didn't..

Perhaps this was one massive mistake, but looking at your "sales" talk 
on the page, it sends a massive warning to me, and hopefully other 
people, and I would recommend anyone who already signed up on your new 
site to make sure they haven't used their user credentials elsewhere.

ps. the new joggler wiki is up @ http://www.jogglerwiki.com


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