[ubuntu-uk] New Linux website - Feedback? [was: ubuntu-uk Digest, Vol 67, Issue 28]

Tony Scott tonys at tonyscott.org.uk
Thu Nov 18 11:47:46 GMT 2010

Hi Mark

Just to clarify I said "Surely using an (sic!) FOSS system would be more 
appropriate for a Linux Q&A site?".

I did not say that FOSS must be used...


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>>Hi Daniel
>>Putting aside whether (yet) another such site is needed (as Alan has already
>>commented), could I just point out the PHP script is not free - it appears to 
>>propriety code that requires payment http://www.answerscript.com/order.html
>>There are plenty of open source systems that could do this sort of job,
>>including WordPress http://wordpress.org/
>>Surely using an FOSS system would be more appropriate for a Linux Q&A site?
>At the risk of being controversial. Now YOU are the one jumping to conclusions.
>Specifically, you are assuming that people use Linux because they care about 
>FLOSS principles.
>While there are, undoubtably, many people who use Linux for that reason...
>... there are many others who use Linux because "it's cheap, just works and 
>doesn't get viruses."
>One of the things that PUTS PEOPLE OFF Linux is the element in the community who 
>preach them them about why they MUST use FLOSS software.
>To turn to the question of "whether the world needs this":
>Whether or not there are genuinely 10,000 people a month with Linux problems who 
>could use this site, I have no idea. That's the marvellous thing about freedom 
>on the Internet - anyone can, for a few quid, set up a website of their own. 
>Maybe this one will fail, but if the OpenSource movement has taught us anything, 
>it's taught us that massive duplication of projects is overall a GOOD thing, 
>because the good ideas from one feed into the next.
>And as for the URL giving the wrong message.... When did the LINUX community 
>turn into the thought police? I thought it was only Apple that worried about 
>things like that!

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