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> From: Tony Scott <tonys at tonyscott.org.uk>
> Subject: Re: [ubuntu-uk] New Linux website - Feedback?
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> Hi Daniel
> Putting aside whether (yet) another such site is needed (as Alan has
> already
> commented), could I just point out the PHP script is not free - it appears
> to be
> propriety code that requires payment
> http://www.answerscript.com/order.html
> There are plenty of open source systems that could do this sort of job,
> including WordPress http://wordpress.org/
> Surely using an FOSS system would be more appropriate for a Linux Q&A site?
> Cheers

At the risk of being controversial. Now YOU are the one jumping to

Specifically, you are assuming that people use Linux because they care about
FLOSS principles.

While there are, undoubtably, many people who use Linux for that reason...
... there are many others who use Linux because "it's cheap, just works and
doesn't get viruses."

One of the things that PUTS PEOPLE OFF Linux is the element in the community
who preach them them about why they MUST use FLOSS software.

To turn to the question of "whether the world needs this":

Whether or not there are genuinely 10,000 people a month with Linux problems
who could use this site, I have no idea. That's the marvellous thing about
freedom on the Internet - anyone can, for a few quid, set up a website of
their own. Maybe this one will fail, but if the OpenSource movement has
taught us anything, it's taught us that massive duplication of projects is
overall a GOOD thing, because the good ideas from one feed into the next.

And as for the URL giving the wrong message.... When did the LINUX community
turn into the thought police? I thought it was only Apple that worried about
things like that!

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