[ubuntu-uk] Dell netbook webcam ....

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Wed Nov 17 20:55:07 GMT 2010

Hi there ....

I mentioned failure of the built-in webcam on my Dell mini 10v netbook a
couple of weeks ago.  Since then, the netbook has come back from Dell
with a new camera fitted.  I sent it back with the original system
restored 'as received' when new.  

I tested the webcam on receipt and it worked OK.  After I restored my
system (using partimage with an image I made the day it went back);
after restore, the camera once again broke.  The same hardware fault.
The camera is no longer detected as a USB device.

For my part, I'm going to leave it as is.  I hardly use a webcam anyway,
and it's easier and more robust to plug an external USB webcam in.  That
is detected and works OK.

I'm simply writing to ask if anyone her thinks its possible to destroy a
webcam by something that recent updates to Ubuntu 10.4 are doing.  It
worked OK with the first couple of updates back last May/June.
Something has happened since then.  It might just save someone a similar

Kind regards,		Barry Drake.
Sent from my Dell Netbook using Ubuntu - the window-free environment
that gives me real fresh air.

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