[ubuntu-uk] Thanks four your advice ....

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Wed Nov 17 16:46:47 GMT 2010

Hi there .....

A month or two back, some of you gave me lots of advice about upgrading.
I was going to put a system together myself.  One of the things that was
holding me back was the thought of what might happen if the motherboard
or processor failed early on.  I've heard some real horror stories about
unhelpful suppliers.

While reseaching, I came across PCSpecialists for the first time.  They
built me the identical spec. to the one I was going to make myself.
Everything came exactly as ordered and I installed Ubuntu Lucid 10.04
really easily.  It all worked 'out of the box'.  There was excellent
attention, friendly service and good communication.  When I compared
prices, it was more than worth the little extra to have them build, test
and guarantee the hardware.  

And they don't make you buy Windows!!!  They are happy to supply with no
OS so you can do your own thing.

It's wonderful to be able to talk to a human being quickly and easily
and find that the person you get can answer the questions and help!  I
don't often come across that these days.

Only slight hiccup was that the firewire card was not found.  It had
become unseated in its journey.  I'm glad I took a look and pushed it
back home before complaining.

Regards,		Barry Drake.

Sent from my Dell Netbook using Ubuntu - the window-free environment
that gives me real fresh air.

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