[ubuntu-uk] Using HTC phone via Ubuntu Internet connection

Bill Cumming bill at s0l.co.uk
Fri Nov 12 20:20:49 GMT 2010

I've a HTC Desire HD I've plugged it in to my 10.10 laptop and it works.
I can pass through my Laptop's connection to my phone, or pass my phones
connection to my laptop.

Saved me from moving my laptop when I tried to change the drivers on my
Broadcom wireless from the closed source to the open source ones!
Was able to connect my phone and use it as a pas though to my network So i
could get the correct debs ^_^

Didn't need anything to get the pass through to work, laptop seen my Desire
HD as a USB Network card.

On 12 November 2010 20:00, Rob Beard <rob at esdelle.co.uk> wrote:

> On 12/11/10 18:51, David King wrote:
> > I have just bought a HTC Desire Z mobile phone, running Android 2.2.
> >
> > It has a feature to allow, via the USB cable, use of the Internet
> > connection on a PC so that the phone can connect via that, rather than
> > use the 3G or wi fi when those are not available or not wanting to use
> > them. I want to download lots of applications without draining my 3G
> > data allowance.
> >
> > I have searched via Google, and some people have said that it just
> > worked for them. They plugged in the phone to their Ubuntu PC and they
> > could use the Internet on the phone.
> >
> > But I cannot get it to work. I am new to Android, and still figuring out
> > the phone. In the Settings/Wireless&  Networks, there is an option for
> > Internet Pass-through, which is trying to connect but never does. Then
> > it comes up with a message saying:
> > "Unable to connect to PC" and asks me to install HTC Sync software
> > (which is Windows only).
> >
> > Is there something I need to install in Ubuntu to get it to work?
> >
> >
> > David King
> >
> I've heard of it working the other way round (using the 3G data
> allowance on the phone to get Internet access on the computer running
> Ubuntu) but not heard of it working the other way around.
> However doing a bit of a Google search I came up with this...
> http://blog.mycila.com/2010/06/reverse-usb-tethering-with-android-22.html
> Not sure if it's any help.  I'm quite interested to know if it would
> work as I'm looking at getting a Samsung Galaxy S next year (although
> saying that I might also use the wifi like I do with my current Nokia
> phone).
> Rob
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