[ubuntu-uk] Using HTC phone via Ubuntu Internet connection

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Nov 12 20:00:16 GMT 2010

On 12/11/10 18:51, David King wrote:
> I have just bought a HTC Desire Z mobile phone, running Android 2.2.
> It has a feature to allow, via the USB cable, use of the Internet
> connection on a PC so that the phone can connect via that, rather than
> use the 3G or wi fi when those are not available or not wanting to use
> them. I want to download lots of applications without draining my 3G
> data allowance.
> I have searched via Google, and some people have said that it just
> worked for them. They plugged in the phone to their Ubuntu PC and they
> could use the Internet on the phone.
> But I cannot get it to work. I am new to Android, and still figuring out
> the phone. In the Settings/Wireless&  Networks, there is an option for
> Internet Pass-through, which is trying to connect but never does. Then
> it comes up with a message saying:
> "Unable to connect to PC" and asks me to install HTC Sync software
> (which is Windows only).
> Is there something I need to install in Ubuntu to get it to work?
> David King

I've heard of it working the other way round (using the 3G data 
allowance on the phone to get Internet access on the computer running 
Ubuntu) but not heard of it working the other way around.

However doing a bit of a Google search I came up with this...


Not sure if it's any help.  I'm quite interested to know if it would 
work as I'm looking at getting a Samsung Galaxy S next year (although 
saying that I might also use the wifi like I do with my current Nokia 


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