[ubuntu-uk] Cheese on netbook

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Sun Nov 7 13:19:20 GMT 2010

On Fri, 2010-11-05 at 22:44 +0000, Tony Pursell wrote:
> Can you try with a live CD or USB?  If the webcam is still not found,
> then I think you will pretty well have proved a hardware fault.

I tried a live CD and the fault was still there.  I also tried
gstreamer-properties as was suggested.  The test facility in there said
it could not detect device at /dev/video0 and sure enough, there was
nothing at that mount point so I plugged in an external USB webcam and
this immediately mounted as /dev/video0.  Then I remembered the Dell
diagnostics that came on a separate partition with an MSdos diagnostics
app.  I'd put this on a dos-bootable SD card to make more space and so
I've tried that.  It comes up with an error initialising a device at
root hub port 2.  

I think I can be 110% certain now that the camera is broken, so I've
done a support e-mail to Dell with all the information.  They may save
themselves a lot of money by simply sending me a new camera ...  I've
found them to be pretty good in the past.

Thanks all of you that have come up with suggestions.

Regards,		Barry Drake.
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