[ubuntu-uk] Video and DVD creation ....

Bruno Girin brunogirin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 00:02:26 GMT 2010

On Wed, 2010-11-03 at 11:00 +0000, Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi there .... 
> Just thought others might be interested in my experience of video
> editing.  I tried PiTiVi and was disappointed in the output quality.  No
> matter what options I tried, the result suffered from pattern
> interference introduced during the render.  
> Kino captures and edits just fine and there is no unwanted interference.
> I am now using Kino to capture and edit but not to render.  I am then
> importing the result into DeViDe which is an excellent GUI that makes a
> DVD iso out of any video file you've got.  This app seems to render very
> well.  I've not been able to get a result like this from any of the
> other offerings so far.  It also has loads of options, and the ability
> to make a quick preview to test options out.

Have you tried Lombard? [1] It's still a 0.1 version but it may be worth
checking. It's done by Yorba, the same people who do Shotwell.

[1] http://www.yorba.org/lombard/


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