[ubuntu-uk] OT: DRUPAL site got killed...

Travis, Tony a.travis at abdn.ac.uk
Sat May 29 12:04:52 BST 2010

Hello, Jon.

Well, I think you were right to post your question here: Anyone who thinks they know everything about IT is a fool.

The essence of our FLOSS community is helping each other and being honest enough to admit when you don't know. Cornelius  is right about the RTFM, of course, but the bane of my life is people who are too insecure to admit that they don't know everything and struggle on without asking for help. I use Drupal too, but I don't know everything about it, and I'm happy to ask other people who know more than I do when I'm faced with a problem that I can't solve. In particular, when I installed Drupal6 under 10.04 LTS, I had to fix the Drupal Apache config file to permit execution of php scripts in the Drupal directory. I was a bit surprised that I had to do that and I'm posting to this list now to see if anyone else has installed Drupal6 under Lucid?


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On Fri, 2010-05-28 at 08:14 +0100, Cornelius Mostert wrote:
> >Seems to be working.
> >/s Surely as Senior IT Specialist this should be a piece of cake? :P
> You could laugh but event the best Diesel technician might struggle on
> a petrol or electric engine

True, but he might think to RTFM :-)



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