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Rik Boland rik_boland at btinternet.com
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I am just wanting to share files ie music on and other document

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Rik Boland wrote:
> Hi
> I am wanting to create a real simple network between 2 unbuntu machine 
> where sould, I start?
> Shalom
It really depends what you want to do.  Do you want to share files and 
folders between machines?

For starters you'll need a way of connecting the machines together.  
This can be wirelessly (say connecting both machines to a the same 
wireless network), via ethernet cables to a router, or maybe a 
combination of both (one connected wirelessly and another via an 
ethernet cable).

There are other options, connecting via ethernet cables to a switch, 
using a crossover ethernet cable between the machines or connecting them 
wirelessly via an AdHoc wireless network.

I guess the best bet is to let us know exactly what you want to achieve 
and what you have already (wireless router, cables etc).

In my case I have a wireless router, a couple of switches and a server 
with a couple of machines connected by ethernet cable and some by 
wireless although you don't need anything this complicated for a simple 

You may find that you have everything you need to get started already 
(such as a wireless router used for internet access and two machines 
connected to the router somehow so they can see the internet).


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