[ubuntu-uk] Viral Videos - Who's actually interested?....Just another thought....

Hugh Wren hugh at hughw.co.cc
Wed Feb 3 22:14:55 GMT 2010

On 03/02/10 22:04, John Matthews wrote:
> Thats something that I am thinking about all the time, but have no idea
> how to implement. What is 'user management and kernel-mode
> support' supposed to do. If I am reading the first bit, is the user
> management something to do with log in details? What the other bit is I
> have no idea?
> How can you tell when you are being attacked? What is there, that is
> easy to use to help prevent attacks, and monitor if you are being attacked.
> John
> Kenny Coyle wrote:
>> As odd as it may be, i've already had troubles with attempted
>> malicious activity on machines that I administer with Ubuntu.
>> Luckily, the user management and kernel-mode support of linux itself
>> helps a _lot_
>> But at the same time, I think that now is the time to be creating such
>> counter measures...
There are already some virus scanners available, such as avast, but 
these only do on-demand scanning, and don't just run in the background. 
Its not something I really use though.


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