[ubuntu-uk] Viral Videos - Who's actually interested?....Just another thought....

John Matthews jakewc2 at sky.com
Wed Feb 3 10:12:21 GMT 2010

I am getting excited and worked up with the rest of you about the 
impending rush on  advertising Ubuntu to get more people to use it, plus 
the courses that are being set up, but I seem to remember getting my 
little netbook, with Linux Lite on it, that was sold by one of the large 
electronics companies on the high street. The guy there said to me, you 
know you will bring it back dont you. Everybody else has, they cant 
connect to their internet. I heard a lot about Linux computers being 
taken back because people couldnt work out how to use them, the  shops 
didnt even ask what was up in the end, they just  credited them.  That 
was last year.

Has anybody thought about how they are going to make it so that it can 
be easier to set the machine up, when its first opened? Plus, has 
anybody thought, who and how if there is an increase in Linux users, a 
help format is going to be set up, so that people can get immediate 
help, if needed, because it will be immediate help that people will 
want, not sometime later, but there and then, they wont wait, and its no 
good saying, 'those of us who are on these forums and e-mail groups have 
other jobs and we do this for nothing, that wont be good enough'. people 
wont accept that. You could be doing Ubuntu a world of good, with all 
this new advertising and enthusiasm, but you could ruin it for good, if 
there is no sufficient help after sales.

Just a thought.


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