[ubuntu-uk] Corrupted User Accounts?

Josh Holland jrh at joshh.co.uk
Mon Dec 20 15:07:03 GMT 2010

On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 02:47:35PM +0000, Gordon Burgess-Parker wrote:
> I see loads and loads of posts on the MS forums of the type "I am the 
> sole user and administrator and my account is corrupted how do I access 
> my data?" with various answers being given, including the setting up of 
> an Administrator account which is never used except for emergency access 
> and elevation purposes.
> Does Ubuntu ever suffer with corrupted User accounts (I have to say I've 
> never seen any posts anywhere about this) and if so, what's the fix?

Essentially not, because Ubuntu more-or-less comes out of the box
configured with an admin account which is disabled from normal login and
only used when needed (the root account). A normal user doesn't have
privileges to wreck the whole system. That's not to say malware with
user-level access can't do damage to the stuff which is actually
valuable on the average home user's machine though: data (photos,
documents etc)

Josh Holland <jrh at joshh.co.uk>

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