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Tue Dec 7 14:05:04 GMT 2010

On Tue, 2010-12-07 at 12:34 +0000, danteashton at gmail.com wrote:

> It is a serious problem that in order to install such functionality,
> one must install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package and run the
> libdvdcss installation script. This problem is made less by activating
> the small amount of codecs that Canocial have licensed upon
> installation,

Well, that's sort of why I tend to emphasise the 'social responsibility'
aspects and provide as many channels to support as possible.

Multimedia is less of an issue in the VCS of course, but it's easy when
you know how and I was able to track this info down in Google pretty
quickly when I migrated to Hoary (no restricted extras, installed all
the codecs one-by-one following someone's kindly instructions). Ubuntu
takes a little time to catch up with drivers and formats - mainly, I
suspect, because these aren't shared with them by manufacturers in a
timely fashion. I agree that mainstream users for whom multimedia and
gaming are central to their computer use may find Ubuntu frustrating but
there are many users for whom it's a minor activity around which they
can easily compromise. 


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