[ubuntu-uk] Want to create an advert for Ubuntu?

Avi Greenbury avismailinglistaccount at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 5 13:07:20 GMT 2010

Liam Proven wrote:

Attempting to recreate the sort of tone of your email

> [1] it's immune to all viruses and spyware
> [5] it reads and writes all Microsoft files and anything from any
> Windows or Mac program.

If you're going to be picky and pedantic, at least be correct. These
two are patently incorrect[0],[1]. Claiming otherwise to anyone to whom
those are important traits will only dissapoint them when it turns out
that Linux/Ubuntu/whatever isn't the utopian OS they were sold it as.
One thing I'd really like us to advertise on is honesty - the openness
of bug reporting and the like, for example - and lying to get people to
use the OS doesn't sit particularly well with that.

[0] - Viruses for Linux/Unix abound. Go google. Sure, the OS is
relatively safe from them but most users care more about their own files
than their OS, and they've full write privileges to that. And all
tutorials now appear to start with 'sudo' in any case. Making people
believe that there are no viruses just means they'll think even less
before copying and pasting stuff into xterm.

[1] As for reading and writing all MS files and anything from any Win
or OSX program, for obvious complete incompatibility AutoCAD and
FruitLoops come to mind. OOo/MSOffice compatibility is still nowhere
near good enough for one to just replace the other.


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