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Will Bickerstaff will at thebickerstaffs.net
Sat Aug 28 11:22:22 BST 2010

On Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 6:53 AM, SW Wootton <wootton.eng at gmail.com> wrote:
> Good Morning.
> I am quite new to ubuntu being an emigre from SuSe. Just thought I
> should make a comment on your email. It would appear to me that in
> view of the response to the issue of a change in the logo it should
> certainly not be changed. I am certain there are more important issues
> to be considered.
> Regards
> SW

Its one of the few ways that those who don't have the skills,
experience or time to be contributing to code, documentation, bug
fixing etc. Can make a contribution.
I use openSUSE alongside my Ubuntu, and things like this are IMHO part
of the reason why Ubuntu succeeds where openSUSE fails. No matter how
small or unimportant the subject, the community is involved and on the
whole, with a few notable exceptions, the decisions are community

> On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 Mark Shutleworth wrote:
> We all make Ubuntu, but we do not all make all of it. In other words, we delegate well.
> We have a kernel team, and they make kernel decisions. You don't get to make kernel
> decisions unless you're in that kernel team. You can file bugs and comment, and
> engage, but you don't get to second-guess their decisions. We have a security team.
> They get to make decisions about security. You don't get to see a lot of what they see
> unless you're on that team. We have processes to help make sure we're doing a good job
> of delegation, but being an open community is not the same as saying everybody has a
> say in everything.
> This is a difference between Ubuntu and several other community distributions. It may
> feel less democratic, but it's more meritocratic, and most importantly it means (a) we
> should have the best people making any given decision, and (b) it's worth investing your
> time to become the best person to make certain decisions, because you should have
> that competence recognised and rewarded with the freedom to make hard decisions and
> not get second-guessed all the time.

The community most definitely exists in openSUSE and is very vocal.
The mailing lists are full of  users who are not entirely satisfied
with the direction of just about any given project, and there appears
to be very few people defending or justifying or even notifying of any
decisions being made. Or perhaps theres too much community input and
the distro is trying too hard to be everything for everyone, I don't
know, I haven't been with it long enough to figure out what's going on
yet, there just seems to be a lot of unhappy people in the openSUSE
camp. I've unsubscribed from all the openSUSE lists just to get away
from the constant moaning and little positive action that appears in
my inbox every time I open it.

The logo most definitely should be changed to provide a visually
consistent look and coherence between Ubuntu and Ubuntu-UK. It needs
to be clear to anyone encountering the Ubuntu-UK logo that Ubuntu-UK
is directly involved with Ubuntu.

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