[ubuntu-uk] REMINDER: U^3 (U-Cubed) An Ubuntu / Debian event happening in Manchester on the 28th August 2010

Jon Spriggs jon at spriggs.org.uk
Mon Aug 16 11:16:24 BST 2010

Just a reminder that tickets are available now for this at

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From: Les <lespounder at gmail.com>
Date: 7 August 2010 14:13
Subject: [ubuntu-uk] U^3 (U-Cubed) An Ubuntu / Debian event happening
in Manchester on the 28th August 2010
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On 28th August, MadLab is hosting U^3 (U-Cubed) - an Ubuntu and
Upstream UnWorkshop day in collaboration with HacMan, ManLUG and
Manchester Free Software. The day is inspired by the Ubuntu Global Jam
event which is being held on the same weekend.

It's an opportunity to help show users how to get involved in wider
distribution work - both in the projects they're using already (maybe
Ubuntu, maybe just some specific Free & Open Source applications) but
also in the upstream projects, such as Debian, Gnome and others, and
is inspired by the Ubuntu Global Jam events being held on the same

We're hoping to find support on the day from people experienced in
Ubuntu, but also people that are involved in more than just Ubuntu, so
we're reaching out to anyone in the North West UK region to see if
people are prepared to help out - even if Ubuntu isn't the Linux
distribution you normally would use, so, if you're interested and
available between 11am and 9pm and can get to Manchester, or even if
you can just be around for part of the day, please get in touch with
me, or better yet, go to http://u-cubed.eventbrite.com to reserve a

Because we've got limited space, we can only allocate 60 tickets, and
to make it fair for everyone, we're giving people access to these
tickets at 1PM on Thursday 12th August (giving people a chance to find
out about the event), but if you're able to come along to help out
with technical information or guidance, please let me know and I'll
make sure that you're invited when the flood gates open!

I really hope you'll be able to make it on the day, and help to make
the day great!

Les Pounder
One of the U^3 Organisers
identi.ca / twitter @biglesp
Blog lespounder.wordpress.com

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