[ubuntu-uk] Oracle sues Google over Java

Bruno Girin brunogirin at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 00:41:22 BST 2010

On Sat, 2010-08-14 at 00:11 +0100, Sean Miller wrote:
> Which begs the question... why aren't Google using a standard JRE?
> It's great to demonise Oracle as some sort of "baddie", but the truth
> is that Google are a commercial company too who are "doing very well"
> by pretending (imho) that everything they do is "for the greater
> good"... it isn't, any more than Oracle's actions are... they have
> shareholders and they're going to make money from it.
> Having worked in, and with, Oracle since 1988 I have to say that I
> trust them more than Google.  Because they never deny what they are,
> whereas Google... I'm not really sure what they want everybody to
> think they are at all...

Actually, The Register have another article on the subject that is quite


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