[ubuntu-uk] Oracle sues Google over Java

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Sat Aug 14 00:11:43 BST 2010

Which begs the question... why aren't Google using a standard JRE?

It's great to demonise Oracle as some sort of "baddie", but the truth
is that Google are a commercial company too who are "doing very well"
by pretending (imho) that everything they do is "for the greater
good"... it isn't, any more than Oracle's actions are... they have
shareholders and they're going to make money from it.

Having worked in, and with, Oracle since 1988 I have to say that I
trust them more than Google.  Because they never deny what they are,
whereas Google... I'm not really sure what they want everybody to
think they are at all...


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