[ubuntu-uk] SYS flood and Port scan concern

AdeGoodyer adriangoodyer at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 12 19:36:28 BST 2010

Hi all,

Three days ago had a new internet connection installed and today have
checked the logs on my router. I was a little concerned to find 4-5
TCP/UDP port scans followed by 15-20 SYN floods occuring about every 20
minutes for the past THREE days!

With my admittedly limited knowledge of computer security I already know
these are consistent with DOS attacks but why would anyone be trying to
block my services?

I also came home today to find my router had been knocked offline so had
to re-start it to restore my internet connection.

Should I be concerned or are these just random attacks that are being
handled safely by my router? If not then how do I go about stopping
these and monitoring my system for something a little more sinister. I
have installed and monitored Wireshark for a while this evening but am
not really sure what I am looking for.

Any help/advise would be fantastic.

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