[ubuntu-uk] Moan -- Top Posting (was "Apps for kids")

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Sat Aug 7 08:45:48 BST 2010

On 7 August 2010 08:33, Tim Powys-Lybbe <tim at southfarm.plus.com> wrote:
> Or think of a book.  Do writers normally put the end of a conversation
> first and the beginning last?  Never!

The principal problem is actually with digests, rather than with those
of us who get individual posts... we can "weed out the rubbish" from
an e-mail because it is that, a single e-mail... when you get digests
it becomes MUCH harder... and, let's say, there's a thread that has
been going on for a week or more.  If everybody top posts it can
become 200, 300 lines long before too long... and then the next person
replies and it's 320... the next and it's 340... and the poor old
"Digest" subscriber gets all three... so they get 300+320+340, that's
best part of 1000 lines when all that's actually relevant is...

"So we've agreed?"
"Thank God for that!"

It is not "rocket science", and if Google are creating Android phones
that are impossible to not top post (or Android apps, assuming it may
be GMail at fault) then surely somebody should go to Google and say
"come on, this isn't fair!"



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