[ubuntu-uk] Lenovo N500 will not load Ubuntu

Rowan Berkeley rowan.berkeley at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 11:29:16 BST 2010

I wonder what caused the file directory to disintegrate in the first
place? As I said, when I looked at the loading dialog, it said "dev/
(some long hex number) does not exist." A day or two before I had
noticed a considerable delay in opening the file browser to the music
folder, but otherwise things seemed normal. I suspect this may have had
something to do with my use of sudo nautilus rather than gksudo nautilus
on one occasion; otherwise, I can only wonder whether moving such
enormous folders full of user files (200 GB or so) back and forth
between the internal and external hard disks might have given the whole
file system indigestion.

In any case, now I have 10.04, which I had not previously upgraded to,
though I thought I had; my buttons have moved to the top left from the
top right of their windows, and I have lost the pleasant colour scheme
for the windows, too; the closest equivalent now is a cool grey instead
of a warm brown. Finally, my Pitivi video editor is dysfunctional again,
after my finally having got it to work as a result of years of trying.
Now it apparently makes a video to order but then freezes up, refuses to
close the render dialog window, and drops the product into a black hole
somewhere so that it cannot be found at all. Perhaps I am using the
wrong encoding options: the previous version had a container option for
flash videos using lame for the audio track, and that seems to have

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