[ubuntu-uk] loco logo

Jim Price d1version at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 2 14:51:29 BST 2010

On 02/08/10 13:46, Alan Bell wrote:
> On 02/08/10 13:38, Alan Pope wrote:

>> I also am not keen on the UK being bold. I quite like all of both
>> "ubuntu" and "uk"  being the same font size, weight and boldness. It
>> seems to be unbalanced when the weight / size and boldness are
>> changed.

> I quite liked the dot! however I take the point about the team name (and
> mailing list and IRC channel) having the dash. I am still not keen on
> "uk" in lower case, but hey, if everyone else is then I won't throw my
> toys out of the pram about it.

I think lower case uk only looks wrong in previous suggestions because 
of the spacing between "ubuntu", the circle of friends and "uk", and 
"local community team" looks wrong to me when it is shorter than the 
text above. Here's a link to roughly how I think it should be if you 
were wanting to use the lower case "uk", the circle of friends in the 
preferred position, and wanting to preserve the dash:


Sorry, it's a png, as flickr won't take svg files, and attaching the svg 
caused my last post to get dropped.

I'm not sure having a bolder uk is ever going to look right without 
quite a lot of work, as it runs the risk of looking like a mixed font 
where the two fonts are neither similar enough nor different enough to 
look right, and will suggest that ubuntu-uk is not to be used as a 
compound word.


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