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Dr James Stevens-Turner james at btguk.org
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Sham it's not a Dell, I have ALL the service manuals for all Dell laptops
and desktops!


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In the recent past I've wanted to take apart a couple of laptops to
increase their RAM, or change storage. Some are easy enough with a
simple flap, or removal of the keyboard to access the RAM slots.
Others seem to be more of a krypton factor style task. The Intel
Classmate seems to be one of those. I remove every screw in sight and
it still holds together very nicely. I'm somewhat afraid I'll break it
if I prise it too hard. Which leads onto my question..

Where can I get solid guides for taking apart laptops, more
specifically the Intel Classmate 1st Gen. Google and Intels website
aren't helping much.

Maybe my google fu is weak today.



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