[ubuntu-uk] use a netbook as a mobile phone how?

Peter Adam Kelly peter at thatwilldo.com
Sat Oct 31 22:36:13 GMT 2009


what would be the best way to give an ubuntu netbook full voice and sms
I would love to be able to use voice via a bluetooth headset connected to
the netbook and also send and receive sms from the netbook taking advantage
of an unlimited monthly sms text deal.

is there any way to just simply plug a sim card into the netbook and just
use a mobile phone contract as normal?

if not

what would be the best phone that doesn't cost the earth ;) to plug into my
netbook and forget about it and use only the netbook keys screen speakers?


what company has the best website based tools or application i could use to
send and receive sms while taking advantage of monthly sms allowance, this
wouldn't necessarily have to be a mobile phone service provider's tools?

I use sipgate over a dongle and that's ok ish for voice and i can even send
sms but received sms goes to a mobile phone so not ideal for me and there is
no sms allowance


Peter Adam Kelly
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