[ubuntu-uk] 9.10 won't connect to Windows shares on network

Gordon gbplinux at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 09:25:29 GMT 2009

John Matthews wrote:
> Gordon wrote:
>> 9.04 connected to windows shares both on XP and Win 7.
>> Upgraded to 9.10 yesterday, all I get is the error" Cannot mount
>> location failed to retrieve share list from server"
>> Any body help on this?
> Hiya, I have been having the same problem, and I have tried everything 
> and I cant get it to work. My other machines can see this machine, but I 
> get the same error. Its really annoying me. I just upgraded my netbook 
> last night, and the network worked no problem, didnt have to change 
> anything. I have a feeling there is something missing in the 
> installation, as it should have done the same as the netbook.
> John.

Do I infer from your post that your Netbook is working OK and can log on
to Windows shares?
It's my Netbook that can't!

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