[ubuntu-uk] Good old Dell!

Liam Wilson liamwilson93 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 09:55:09 GMT 2009

Sean Miller wrote:
> I hate Dell...
> "With an UBUNTU operating system you must use open source programmes:
>     * Some open source software requires intermediate or advanced
> technical knowledge to use
>     * Most open source programmes are not compatible with Microsoft programmes
>     * You will need to learn how to use new programmes"
> I've never been told that closed source "programmes" were banned -
> better uninstall Spotify then.  And since when was open source any
> more complicated than proprietary alternatives?  I find Dreamweaver as
> complex as hell, and last time I looked it wasn't open.
> Sean
I've already complained to them about this!
Still, it never stopped me from buying the Mini 10v. Should be here any 
day soon! With Ubuntu, of course. But I'll put UNR on it anyway.

There's a good video of a comparison of UNR, the Dell version and 
Android here:



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