[ubuntu-uk] VIdeo recommendations

Stephen Garton sheepeatingtaz at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 16:47:57 BST 2009

Afternoon All,

I have a hitachi HDD video camera that can record in 4:3 or 16:9
ratios. I can attach the camera to my PC via USB and browse the files,
they are .VRO file. I can copy these files to /home and they are
essentially mpeg files, which is fine. When I record in 4:3 format,
they come across fine, but there is a problem with 16:9 ones. The
thumbnails in Nautilus are correct (i.e. widescreen) but all media
players (and file properties) show the files as 4:3 ratio, which makes
them look odd when being played. Any ideas on how a) I can transfer
them across correctly (there is come windows-only software that comes
with it - I can't get it to work in wine) and/or b) some way to
convert them so they play in the correct ratio? I've tried ffmpeg with
the -aspect flag set to 16:9, but it didn't make any difference.


Steve Garton

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