[ubuntu-uk] Manchester Karmic (9.10) party

Gordon Allott gord.allott at canonical.com
Thu Oct 15 15:09:18 BST 2009

On Wed, 2009-10-14 at 17:17 +0100, Lucy wrote:

> I suggest that we go with the Pitcher and Piano, and start planning
> publicity and things. Unless anyone has any objections?
> Jon, do you happen to know what their policy is on under-18s?

Pitcher and Piano sounds good to me :) In terms of publicity i suggest
everyone start telling everyone else ;) whatever we did (i forget) for
jaunty obviously worked so lets do that!

we don't have all that much time to get people interested though =\

I can bring a few usb thumb drives with as many variations of ubuntu on
it, those things install real quick, also popey's local loco mirror
worked a treat last time, very quick downloads so i'll get a few images
on my laptop too 

Gordon Allott <gord.allott at canonical.com>
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