[ubuntu-uk] streaming content via wires!

javadayaz javadayaz at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 13:32:22 BST 2009

Ill be taking over my 10mb connection so im assuming that will be okay. Ill
be happy with 720 as well....anything will look better than Standard def on
a high res tv.

2009/10/7 Rob Beard <rob at esdelle.co.uk>

> javadayaz wrote:
> > This is exactly idea that i had. The wireless router will also come in
> > handy when i need to browse from my phone anywhere in the house.!
> >
> > On a side note, im thinking of getting a 37inch tv. Will a cat5 cable
> > be able to handle a high enough resolution whilst streaming?
> Well if you're playing back media on an original XBOX then you'd
> probably be limited to standard definition stuff anyway as the box just
> can't handle it (at least I couldn't get it to play 720p HD video) so
> you'd probably get away with 10Meg ethernet or wireless for that.
> If you want to play high definition stuff then you should be okay with
> 100Mbit CAT5, it really depends on the bit rate of the media.  I can get
> away with playing HD stuff on the XBOX 360 from the PC on 100Mbit
> without any problem, I can also play HD stuff stored on my server on the
> PC downstairs using 100Mbit (in fact the whole house is currently on
> 100Mbit ethernet).
> Not sure about Bluray though, I believe it's about 30Mbit/sec.  The HD
> stuff I play is usually TV shows that have been on in the US, or BBC HD
> stuff which I've downloaded and I believe the bit rate of that stuff is
> under 10 Meg.
> If you wanted to play HD stuff you'd need something capable of playing
> it, such as a PC, PS3/XBOX360 (with the video possibly transcoded on the
> fly to a format supported by the console) or maybe something like a
> Popcorn Hour which is a small low power Linux based media player.
> Out of interest, what package are you getting?
> I believe the routers on the 50 Meg package support gigabit ethernet.
> The Netgear router I have though on 20 Meg (which I believe also is
> supplied on 10 Meg connections) is only 100Mbit.
> Rob
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