[ubuntu-uk] ubuntu-uk Digest, Vol 54, Issue 4

Michael G Fletcher michael at ilovemylinux.com
Tue Oct 6 22:12:13 BST 2009

> Question asked, question answered.  I mentioned no political party
> name.  No "party political propaganda points" at all.  My point in fact
> was that whether *any* party supports free and open source software
> would not sway my vote.
> What a typical British attitude.  Any mention of politics and it causes
> an immediate lock up.  Thank goodness no one mentioned religion!
> (btw you seem to have replied to the digest - makes it quite hard to
> track the actual thread you were referring to.  Top posting didn't help
> that issue either)

+1 for Daniel,

As long as the politics is related to Ubuntu, or FOSS, All good with
me :-)   For me however, my vote may be swayed by proper support for
Open source software!

Michael Fletcher

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