[ubuntu-uk] Random lock ups in Jaunty

Barry Titterton barry.titterton at mail.adsl4less.com
Tue Oct 6 19:46:09 BST 2009

Has anyone experienced random hard lock ups since upgrading to Jaunty?

I am running Jaunty on an elderly Toshiba S1800 laptop (1GHz P3 with
512M of ram)and since upgrading to Jaunty last August I have been
getting random hard lock ups; the cursor vanishes off the screen and the
laptop becomes completely unresponsive. It can happen after five minutes
or five hours, once or several times per day. I have not been able to
find a key combination (Ctrl+Alt+Del etc) that will do anything; the
mains button is the only option. The problem does not seem to be linked
to any particular software as I have had two lock ups while only the
desktop has been active. The common factor is that they only occur while
I am moving the cursor across the screen. I do not think it is a
hardware problem as the laptop ran Intrepid for six months with no
problems, except for the traditional Toshiba over heating which always
resulted in the machine shutting itself down rather than locking up.

I have Googled this but have not found anyone with exactly the same
symptoms. I am hanging on to see if Karmic will solve the problem before
reverting to Intrepid. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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