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Steve Cook yorvik.ubunto at googlemail.com
Thu May 21 12:54:17 BST 2009

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Peter Lawrence wrote:
> Dear Ubuntu UK;
>                            I have lost my most fantastic distro of 
> Ubuntu that I have ever put together. Over 150 working apps. Everysingle 
> thing up to date and I was running Ubuntu 8.04 and the overall size of 
> my lost Ubuntu OS. was 42.3gb so as you can imagine I am quite upset and 
> all that I did was upgrade my distro on my desktop using every single 
> one of the many instructions that I have on upgrading. This has happened 
> to me over ten  times on as many machines and I simply now will not 
> upgrade any system as every singe time I do the full re-haul it goes 
> pear shaped so now I am starting from scratch using Kubuntu 8.04 and I 
> am simply not going to upgrade radically ever again.
>            Many thanks,
>                                 Peter Lawrence Boyd
Wouldn’t it be quicker just to restore your backup.

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