[ubuntu-uk] multimedia notes

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Wed May 20 21:58:08 BST 2009

norman wrote:
> < snip >
> I have recently installed Ubuntu 9.04 and decided to follow the detailed
> instructions which you so kindly supplied. As far as I can tell I did
> exactly what was described. 
>> Applications>Add/Remove
>> Ensure that 'All' is selected, and Click the choices to select 'All
>> Available Applications' from the list.

Hi Norman
at  this stage it will be important that the list is refreshed,
probably automatically, from the internet. I trust that the machine is
connected to the internet?

>> Then into the 'Search' space type
>> gstreamer
>> After a short time, the search results will display a number of
>> gstreamer entries and in addition the item 'Ubuntu restricted extras'.
> No entry appeared for Ubuntu restricted extras

Interesting. I have tried with an installed machine and also on one
only running a 9.04 live cd, and in the live cd, there is no entry for
ubuntu restricted extras when searching for gstreamer.
However, in the installed machine the ubuntu restricted extras does
appear ok.
The differences might be related to updates - please check you have
completed all updates first, (or possibly related to different
repositories, I  cannot see why though).

If the updates  and internet connection do not fix the problem, then
simply search on 'restricted' after you complete the gstreamer stuff?
and you should see Ubunu restricted extras appear?

> and the odd thing was
> there were two entries for OpenOffice.

mine too, but Open office is installed anyway so I ignore these entries

> Ignoring this set back I pressed on to the Medibuntu bit. 
> < big snip >
>> You can verify your success by looking at
>> System>Administration>Software Sources
>> and the tab
>> Third Party Software
>> and you should see medibuntu packages free and non free as being
>> entered and ticked (enabled).
> I verified that the entry was there under Third Party Software but I
> could not find either libdvdcss2 or w32codecs.

I think perhaps my notes are not accurate for these two items, if so
please accept my apologies.

I may have to re write the notes in this area to point users to back
to the medibuntu website:

the section 'Playing Encrypted DVDs'
and use the code as described (and not use the synaptic package
manager as in my notes)
sudo apt-get install libdvdcss2

and then also the section 'Playing Non-Native Media Formats'
and use the code as described for example For i386, the package is
called w32codecs:
sudo apt-get install w32codecs

I do not yet understand why the items do not appear using synaptic
package manager as I first suggested (?)    maybe it is something to
do with updating of the new repository, I do not know.

Anyway I hope this answers your questions?

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