[ubuntu-uk] multimedia notes

norman norman at littletank.org
Wed May 20 17:07:13 BST 2009

< snip >

I have recently installed Ubuntu 9.04 and decided to follow the detailed
instructions which you so kindly supplied. As far as I can tell I did
exactly what was described. 

> Applications>Add/Remove
> Ensure that 'All' is selected, and Click the choices to select 'All
> Available Applications' from the list.
> Then into the 'Search' space type
> gstreamer
> After a short time, the search results will display a number of
> gstreamer entries and in addition the item 'Ubuntu restricted extras'.

No entry appeared for Ubuntu restricted extras and the odd thing was
there were two entries for OpenOffice.

Ignoring this set back I pressed on to the Medibuntu bit. 

< big snip >

> You can verify your success by looking at
> System>Administration>Software Sources
> and the tab
> Third Party Software
> and you should see medibuntu packages free and non free as being
> entered and ticked (enabled).

I verified that the entry was there under Third Party Software but I
could not find either libdvdcss2 or w32codecs.

Please, could you tell me the reason for these anomalies.


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