[ubuntu-uk] Broadband Modem peer-to-peer

Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Sat May 16 10:32:42 BST 2009

As another posted noted, you cannot connect ADSL peer-to-peer. It 
requires [DSLAM | magic pixie dust] at the telephone exchange.

David Restall - System Administrator wrote:
> My mother has an Ubuntu PC and her broadband contract has just expired.
> She uses the web very rarely (sends the odd email may surf occasionally)
> but doesn't really use broadband to it's full and, to be quite honest,

If she's not permanently connected (ie. not on broadband), doesn't 
frequently connect and doesn't browse high-risk sites (eg. pr0n, warez, 
gaming, gambling, make-money-fast schemes, prescription medication) then 
she is in a very low-risk category for malware. Manual monthly updates 
burned to DVD should be fine.

It's not ideal, and low-risk is not no-risk, but I'd turn automatic 
updates off, or switch them to notifications only.

Might be an idea to take a backup, though, just in case. Then you can 
wipe and reinstall in the very unlikely event that a problem occurs.

Andrew Oakley

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