[ubuntu-uk] Click downloaded Ubuntu

LeeGroups mailgroups at varga.co.uk
Mon May 4 18:22:52 BST 2009

>>> Same here. I have suspicions that my ISP (PlusNet) is throttling
>>> BitTorrent, but I'm not 100% sure. 
>> PlusNet  *do* throttle torrent traffic, it's in their T&C's check here -
>> http://www.plus.net/support/broadband/quality_broadband/speed.shtml#unlimitedspeeds
>> It varies depending on the time of day, but at least they are totally 
>> open about it.
> Unlike a lot of other ISPs....Ok, thanks for the link. Looks like the worst time to download is 6 to
> 10 PM, which is probably when I'm downloading via BitTorrent most. I
> wonder how many ISP's acknowledge USENET still exists, let alone
> throttle it.
Never seen  it mentioned in others T&Cs, but then it's high volume use 
was always binary groups, and they've pretty much died out from via 
ISPs, so you have to pay subs to someone like Giganews otherwise  they 
don't work...

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