[ubuntu-uk] Click downloaded Ubuntu

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Mon May 4 18:53:17 BST 2009

LeeGroups wrote:
> Never seen  it mentioned in others T&Cs, but then it's high volume use 
> was always binary groups, and they've pretty much died out from via 
> ISPs, so you have to pay subs to someone like Giganews otherwise  they 
> don't work...
Well they certainly don't promote the fact on Virgin and BT that they 
have Newsgroups servers.  Virgin have reasonable servers (I get full 
speed pretty much all the time on them) but they only have a 1 week 
retention on binary groups and BT use a larger provider (can't remember 
off the top of my head) but they offer up to about 70 days retention but 
limited to 3 connections which gives me about 150K/sec.

Still it saves me a tenner a month on what I was paying to Thundernews.


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