[ubuntu-uk] 9.04: Is the (newish) GNOME logout menu controllable by keyboard?

Dean Sas dean at deansas.org
Mon May 4 01:19:22 BST 2009

David M wrote:
> I've just upgraded both of my boxes to 9.04, and it seems (so far) to 
> have gone reasonably smoothly, which is a great reassurance as a couple
> (only a few, mind you) of the previous Ubuntu upgrades have been a 
> little hairy..
> However, 9.04 has removed the Logout/Shutdown options from the System
> menu in GNOME, meaning that I have no alternative now but to use the 
> newish logout menu (that was introduced in 8.10, I think).

If you remove the quit applet then you should get the menu items back in
the System menu.

I think the idea is that it is confusing to have shutdown options from
the "quit" applet and in the System menu. That doesn't make sense to me
- application launchers are available in multiple places as are mounted

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