[ubuntu-uk] 9.04: Is the (newish) GNOME logout menu controllable by keyboard?

David M lists2009 at trancepod.netmx.co.uk
Sun May 3 23:32:54 BST 2009

I've just upgraded both of my boxes to 9.04, and it seems (so far) to 
have gone reasonably smoothly, which is a great reassurance as a couple
(only a few, mind you) of the previous Ubuntu upgrades have been a 
little hairy..

However, 9.04 has removed the Logout/Shutdown options from the System
menu in GNOME, meaning that I have no alternative now but to use the 
newish logout menu (that was introduced in 8.10, I think).

I'd got into the habit of: 

 <alt-F1> [1], and then cursoring over to System -> Shutdown

..in order to shutdown my computer, but as this menu item is no longer
present, is it possible to activate the new logout menu from the
keyboard? I presume it must be somehow, as it would probably be Very Bad
from an accessibility perspective otherwise..

(Come to that, why does keyboarding through the menus only apply to the
menus themselves and not to any program icons that you may also have added 
to the panel?)

Thanks for any advice,


[1] an obscure enough keyboard combo by itself, which I'd only found out
about because I'd read it somewhere.. It would probably be nice if the
Applications menu hover tooltip mentioned the existence of this keyboard
shortcut, as I'm sure few people would guess it otherwise.

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