[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu pre-installed computer prices

Eddie Bernard eddieb at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 11:25:28 GMT 2009

2009/3/25 Alan Pope <alan at popey.com>:
> Hi Eddie,
> I don't believe you're breaking any "rules" as such on this mailing
> list. I personally think we should foster and encourage UK based
> companies/individuals who seek to supply Ubuntu based computers. I'd
> like to see more of this kind of discussion.

Hi Alan, and thanks for the welcome. I agree; I'm very impressed with
Ubuntu and I would like to see more retailers giving it as a genuine
option. Somehow we have to get the word out to encourage take up...

> I would recommend you contact the OEM Team at Canonical. There are
> some restrictions on the use of the Ubuntu brand when selling
> machines. Rather than me misquote them I'd suggest you contact them
> directly.

Cheers for the heads up. I'm just reading their website now... I
assume I would need to register for their system builder programme. I
don't suppose you know if that costs money?

>> I understand there are issues regarding selling a Ubuntu PC
>> with non-free applications pre-installed (e.g. medibuntu) so I assume
>> I will have to leave them off, but perhaps give advice to those who
>> need it.
> As I understand it, if you want to officially sell Ubuntu branded
> computers, you will have to omit the medibuntu repository from being
> pre-configured. I believe you can (for a fee to Canonical) license
> some codecs which you _can_ supply with the computers you deliver. But
> as I said, contact Canonical for the full details.

That's interesting, as, to be honest, I think in order to convince
people that Ubuntu is a serious and easy-to-use alternative to
Windows, ideally the system needs to be able to "just work" out the
box. If there are ways to do that then this can only be a good thing.
Will definitely look into that.

Thanks for your replies - all good stuff.


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