[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu pre-installed computer prices

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Wed Mar 25 10:39:38 GMT 2009

Hi Eddie,

I don't believe you're breaking any "rules" as such on this mailing
list. I personally think we should foster and encourage UK based
companies/individuals who seek to supply Ubuntu based computers. I'd
like to see more of this kind of discussion.

2009/3/25 Eddie Bernard <eddieb at gmail.com>:
> My reason for contacting you all is a sort of market research, if
> you'll be kind enough to allow that. I am interested in your opinion
> on pricing for a computer with Ubuntu pre-installed, as it's a market
> I am currently looking into.

I would recommend you contact the OEM Team at Canonical. There are
some restrictions on the use of the Ubuntu brand when selling
machines. Rather than me misquote them I'd suggest you contact them

> I'm looking to offer a base unit, 2GHz dual core Celeron (E1400) with
> 2GB DDR2 PC2-6400 RAM, and a 150GB SATA hdd. Graphics, sound and
> ethernet are onboard. Like I said, I would install Ubuntu 8.10 (and,
> of course, ubuntu 9.04 when it's released!) and run through the update
> utility. I understand there are issues regarding selling a Ubuntu PC
> with non-free applications pre-installed (e.g. medibuntu) so I assume
> I will have to leave them off, but perhaps give advice to those who
> need it.

As I understand it, if you want to officially sell Ubuntu branded
computers, you will have to omit the medibuntu repository from being
pre-configured. I believe you can (for a fee to Canonical) license
some codecs which you _can_ supply with the computers you deliver. But
as I said, contact Canonical for the full details.


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