[ubuntu-uk] London Jaunty party

Alan Bell alan.bell at theopenlearningcentre.com
Fri Mar 20 14:38:33 GMT 2009

Dave Walker wrote:
> Alan Bell wrote:
>> I have tentatively put my name forward to help organise the London 
>> party. Not sure if Canonical have plans, so I sent a couple of emails 
>> this morning. I have a few ideas, but any thoughts on a good venue would 
>> be great. I would prefer something with a bar, but not something that 
>> excludes under 18s and people that don't want to drink.
>> Alan.
> Hi Alan,
> Thanks for putting yourself forward.  We touched on this on IRC, but a
> follow up.  I have been trying to get info out of Canonical about the
> party they are organising, and the UK community are welcome to attend. 
> They are looking for a venue to house >200 people, as the last release
> venue was a touch cramped. 
that is putting it mildly! the place was heaving.
>  I have been told i'll get confirmation
> details next week.
> One reason the community hasn't wanted to organise in London, is that
> Canonical invariably will - and blow our plans out of the water.  It is
> worth noting that we had a release party before Canonical, and some of
> the top brass turned up to ours :).
> I'm expecting the Canonical bash to just be an evening/night event, if
> you are keen enough - it would be great to organise a day time event for
> those that can 'get away' during the working week.
I think evening would be better all round. Daytime parties are not 
really my thing. A daytime installfest somewhere might work. Any takers 
for that?
> For people that don't live in London, regional release parties would
> still be a "total win" - However, I will be inclined to travel to the
> London one (~230 mile drive!), unless they don't clash - which means
> multiple parties!
> Thanks again!
> Kind Regards,
> Dave Walker

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