[ubuntu-uk] Truly, a vanilla install

Kev ubuntu at talktalk.net
Sun Mar 15 09:41:12 GMT 2009

And because I forgot - while complete
removal will remove the configuration files as well it doesn;t to my
knowledge deal with any personal configs in your home directory


Kev wrote:
> Firefox is a metapackage - whatever the exact description of that
> entails I know not. I just think of metapackages as boxes with other
> 'stuff' in - not very technical but it get's me by :) - similarly
> ubuntu-desktop (and kubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop) are metapackages.
> Firefox-3.0 is actually the firefox app and it has it's dependencies.
> Kev
> Tony Arnold wrote:
>> Rowan,
>> Rowan Berkeley wrote:
>>> It makes it sound as if I can't be bothered to read the help notes
>>> before taking up people's time, which is not the case. I was just tired.
>>> I have read the help notes now, and it seems that solid colour in the
>>> icon boxes means a package is broken, and that 'complete removal' means
>>> the removal of the principal package and all its dependencies. However,
>>> it isn't always completely obvious which one the principal item is. 
>> No, removal of a package will remove all the files installed for that
>> package but it will leave any configuration files behind. Complete
>> removal will remove the configuration files as well.
>> Getting rid of dependencies is separate. I just tried removing package
>> 'firefox' and no dependencies were affected. I then tried removing
>> 'firefox-3.0' and 5 or so dependencies were also marked for removal. It
>> was the same set for removal and complete-removal.
>> Maybe someone else can explain this behaviour.
>> Regards,
>> Tony.

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