[ubuntu-uk] Query about connecting a Ubuntu pc and an xbox

Ciaran Mooney general.mooney at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 12 09:29:16 GMT 2009


I have a similar set up to the one you want.

I have an Ubuntu box sharing folders using SAMBA, connected to a wired
network, along with an old Xbox with XBMC. There's not much else to

I'm not sure if there is anything like a wireless remote for a G1.
However the Xbox does have a python interpreter installed so you could
write your own.

Hardware wise the old Xbox doesn't come with wireless. You can't use a
USB wireless dongle unless you install something like Linux for the
Xbox, but then XBMC won't work. You'd also have to hack the dongle to
work with the Xbox's USB ports (which are the controller ports).

There are ethernet-->wireless adapters out there
but they are pretty expensive. Just get a long ethernet cable and be
done with it! Or maybe use one of the ethernet-over-power things

You're still stuck with the G1 bit, but I'd reccomend getting a Xbox
remote control from ebay or something. XBMC has been designed to use
it well.

Good luck.


On 3/12/09, javadayaz <javadayaz at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok same old dead topic i know.
> Im looking to buy a house and obviously my first thoughts in this new house
> are "connectivity. Basically I want to use my pc as hub for all my
> entertainment. It will be stored in a seperate room where it will be
> connected to 26" moniter doing pc things but i also want to beam the media
> into the main living room where a bigger tv will reside. Naturally i want to
> do this without the aide of wires. Im thinking connect up an xbox1 to a tv
> and beam across the media from my ubuntu pc to my xbox. But my old xbox
> doesnt have wifi (it does have media centre). Or maybe that has some kind of
> wifi built in!
> I then want to use my G1 Android phone to control everything. Like a remote.
> I know there is an OS (in linux) that does all this and more but thats more
> of the software side of things im looking more of the hardware issues.
> ps my pc currently doesnt have wifi so that would be the first thing to look
> at!
> pps im so excited at the prospects of this! :)
> --
> Javad

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