[ubuntu-uk] Query about connecting a Ubuntu pc and an xbox

javadayaz javadayaz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 09:04:41 GMT 2009

Ok same old dead topic i know.

Im looking to buy a house and obviously my first thoughts in this new house
are "connectivity. Basically I want to use my pc as hub for all my
entertainment. It will be stored in a seperate room where it will be
connected to 26" moniter doing pc things but i also want to beam the media
into the main living room where a bigger tv will reside. Naturally i want to
do this without the aide of wires. Im thinking connect up an xbox1 to a tv
and beam across the media from my ubuntu pc to my xbox. But my old xbox
doesnt have wifi (it does have media centre). Or maybe that has some kind of
wifi built in!

I then want to use my G1 Android phone to control everything. Like a remote.

I know there is an OS (in linux) that does all this and more but thats more
of the software side of things im looking more of the hardware issues.

ps my pc currently doesnt have wifi so that would be the first thing to look

pps im so excited at the prospects of this! :)

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