[ubuntu-uk] Learning Ubuntu....

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Thu Mar 5 17:17:48 GMT 2009

Hugo's parents had a house, Burcott Manor (I think), just outside
Wells and his bedroom was like most companies' server rooms of the

Complete with his PDP whirring away and various Acorn Archimedes boxes
and things serving BBS software.

We wrote a BBC-micro based BBS package called "Datahost+" together
some years earlier, when he still lived in Street.  It was a Viewdata
bulletin board solution - Hugo's own BBS was called "The World of
Cryton" (I believe that was something to do with Red Dwarf the TV
series?) but at one stage we had many sysops using it.

Hugo moved from viewdata to text-based boards, and at the same time
wrote a really great suite of software for accessing bulletin boards
and the like for the Archimedes... erm, I forget what it was called
(Arcterm, perhaps?) but he was clever in that he created a free
version to get folks onboard and then released the paid one, a model
that happens far more now than it did then.  He also had a shop in
Wells called "The Serial Port" for a while, with a stylised version of
himself as its logo.

As I said, a very clever man and a definite inspiration for me.


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