[ubuntu-uk] Website Hacked.....

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Sat Jun 27 23:42:57 BST 2009

I would guess that possibly, as your site is on a shared server, that 
the server was hacked into and by gaining root access, they had access 
to all sites on that server, including yours. Then they probably removed 
your site and all the others to replace them with their evil.

I doubt if the host will tell you if other sites were compromised, 
because they want to protect client confidentiality, and they do not 
want to admit to being liable in allowing their server to be hacked.

I would suggest you maybe look for a new host. I use 1&1 Internet Ltd.   

I have never, afaik, had my sites on there hacked into or messed with.

Or get some recommendations for other hosts that are within your price 
range and totally secure.

David King

John wrote:
> It looks like my site is gone. The host has not backed up as promised, 
> and they are just saying its gone no backup. That's all I'm getting. 
> They wont tell me what happened, they wont tell me how the hacker got 
> in, tjhey wont tell me why there is no backup. Nothing. I am feeling 
> very sick right now.
> John.
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