[ubuntu-uk] Website Hacked.....

Matthew Daubney matt at daubers.co.uk
Sat Jun 27 17:22:59 BST 2009

On Sat, 2009-06-27 at 17:14 +0100, John wrote:
> I run a website, and there's about 2.5 gigs of information on there. The 
> whole lot got deleted and the hackers put a picture of advertising who 
> they were. I have managed to get the host to restore as much as they can 
> back, well, they way they are trying to.
> What is worrying me, is the password was a really strong password, 100 
> strong according to the password generator, and I was wondering, how 
> they managed to get in. I cant help worry that it might be through my 
> netbook. How do I check to see that my computer hasnt been hacked. I 
> know Ubuntu has a virus checker, but the lst time I tried to use it, it 
> was finding programs that were viruses, and these were programs in the 
> Synaptic. I was not able to use it in the end, as I didnt know what was 
> what. Also is there anything I can do to stop my notebook from being 
> hacked.

Hi John,

A little more information will help us a great deal here. What was the
type of hosting you had for your website? Was it a VPS or was it just
some webspace from a provider? Also whats the domain? We can have a
little look and check the security of the server its on.

-Matt Daubney

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